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Bella Swan’s Wedding Hair Comb & Engagement Ring

A bride's special day is not complete without something old or something blue. Before her wedding to Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn Part I, Bella Swan is proposed with an old ring belonging to the mother of Edward. Described in the book as:"Located in the black satin, Elizabeth Masen ring sparkled in the dim light.'s Face was a long oval, set with rows of gleaming tilt round stones. The band was gold - delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around diamonds ".
Two brands have recreated Bella ring for the masses. First up is infinite Jewelry Co., which has created a stunning ring that closely resembles the description of Bella's ring. It costs $ 39.99 and comes in a wide range of sizes for any fan of the film. The ring shown here in silver, but it also comes in gold.

The second is the hot topic that has had countless memories Twilight Saga from the beginning, with a silver ring with oval shaped paving dozens of cubic zirconia stones. Despite this ring does not have a gold ring, and it does not really resemble the description of actual ring Bella, love the old aesthetic. It costs $ 28, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for any Twihard.
Blue Bella something will come in the form of a hair comb described as "a diamond comb with blue flowers inserted into the pattern." With side braids hair at its meeting in the back to form a bun, this blushing bride (literal and not for long ...) walks down the hall is adorned with her soon to be sister-in-law Alice Cullen for the wedding.
Of course it had to be a replica of the diamond comb. Hot Topic also has it in stock and it sure is a beauty. The replica looks exactly like what was used in the film, but costs much less. For $ 28, you can get the hair comb, which comes with a blue velvet box. I can think of a few people who want this comb in their lives.

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