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Mario Testino. Photographer of Women.

M. Testino is a well known photographer in the fashion world. He has declared that what interests him is not outer beauty, but he tries to show the beauty that comes from inside the person.

His photographs exude sensuality, beauty, harmony and great contrasts and are able to convey feelings and tell stories.

That's what I love about photography, the ability to tell, to tell, beyond mere representation.

  M. Testino is one of the most famous fashion photographers and currently listed.

The Peruvian photographer Mario Testino Eduardo Silva (1954) doesn´t studied photography. Apparently the law, economics and international relations not convinced both like photography, so in London it was dedicated to making photo books aspiring model for a small fee.

 His perseverance and good know-how we have become one of the most prestigious.

Testino has worked for many prestigious brands of all kinds, and his photographs have been very famous campaigners and surely going to recognize. He has photographed actors, actresses, models, singers and artists of the time. Is often called "the photographer of women", since they are the protagonists of most of his photographs, he believes that we have more options and interest within a photograph, although those chances increase if, in addition, a man appears .

Although most women your pictures, I've wanted to start my selection of photographs with a man, actor Michael Fassbender, who has done an interview for GQ magazine recently.

Keira Knightley para Coco Mademoiselle Chanel.
Kate Moss.
Michael Fassbender para la revista GQ.
Natalie Portman.
Gisele Budchen.
Ryan Gosling.
Angelina Jolie.
Emma Watson.
Kate Winslet.

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